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  • 4 Ways To Create Great User Experience

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What is User Experience

A good user experience goes unnoticed. Good user experience only meets the exact needs of your user but does not go beyond. Although it leaves your user content, in this competitive app market content isn’t good enough. User experience is the feeling someone gets every time they interact with your product, in our case, your app. Great user experience is bringing someone satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy every time they interact with your app regardless of the day they are having. In this post we are going to discuss how to create a great user experience.

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Humanize Your App

The most important step in creating a great user experience is humanizing your app, making your app relatable to your target audience. To humanize your app you have to start from a human experience, then work backwards to the technology. Your product needs to adapt to the way people already think and work, rather than asking people to retrain themselves into learning how your product works. Technology is a tool that humans use to enhance their own abilities, therefore it should build on the abilities they already possess. Humanizing your product demands a clear understanding of what your target audience needs and how your technology relates to their current abilities.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is knowing you cannot please everyone. Everyone is not your target audience, and you have to be ok with that. When building an app you need to have the "less is more" mentality. Think about it, it’s easier to research and learn a smaller demographic thoroughly, than a larger demographic.

Steps to help narrow your demographic:

1. Write down long-term goals for your app.

2. Write down your big picture demographic.

3. Write down the benefits your demographic gets from using your product.

4. Based on those benefits, determine which sub group of your demographic would receive the most fulfillment while using your product.

This sub group should be just big enough to prove your idea but small enough to research thoroughly.

If there isn’t any stand out sub group, survey your big picture demographic, asking questions aimed to get a feel of how much they value the benefits you are offering. If you ask the right questions their answers should reveal who your sub group should be.

Personalizing Your App
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Personalizing your app is another great way to create a great user experience. No two users are alike, therefore no two app experiences should be alike. Your apps content should be tailored to each unique user.

Ways to personalize:

1. Identify the content in your app that only pertain to some users. These are the areas that need to be dynamic and tailored to each user. The goal is to have your entire app’s content be as relevant to each unique user as possible.

2. Think of ways to change the content based on the user’s current situation (i.e. location, time, weather, headphones, movement).

3. Setup analytics and funnels inside your app to track user interactions.

Based on interactions you can learn more about your user and how they are using your app. Use this information to tailor your content to fit their interests. Funnels are great to see which stage users are at with your product. They are checkpoints within your app used to categorize each user. For example let’s say you have an onboarding funnel with three checkpoints; sign up, create profile, and make first purchase. If a user has passed the sign up checkpoint, but has failed to reach the create a profile page checkpoint four days later, you can send that user a tailored push notification urging them to create a profile.

Beautiful Design

Finally design, design is when you bring all these different elements together and express visually to the user how well you understand them. Your design should be practical and give the user an emotional feel. In your design the color scheme, typography, and images all have to mesh and tell the same story.